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Emmett is a story of an unlikely friendship where race, age, and respect intersect. Told through the eyes of a brilliant African American twelve year-old boy fighting to keep his family together, the story is an eclectic magic carpet ride celebrating family and friends and the courage it takes to grow up. Emmett is a live-action feature peppered with animation.    ______________________________________________________________________________ 

Zina Garrison - Documentary 

Zina characterizes her life as always being on the cusp of greatness but never overcoming whatever it was standing in her way. For much of her career, that was Martina Navratilova, a powerhouse like Zina and her physical opposite. The two battled on the court countless times - culminating in their most exciting match, the finals at Wimbledon in 1990. Ranked among the top ten women tennis players from 1984 to 1995, Zina was number two in 1989 and never lower than number six.

Before Venus and Serena, there was Zina. Garrison built the foundation upon which African American women’s tennis would be played. Like Althea Gibson before her, Zina commanded respect from her determination, incredible athleticism and self-control.                                        ______________________________________________________________________________


For Keeps 

Amos Ross is a quiet kid. He doesn’t pull pigtails, he always does his homework, and he can’t play marbles. When he brings his grandfather’s championship shooter to show and tell, it catches the eye of the schoolyard marbles champ, Slater, who quickly makes the shooter his own. Julie, a former State champion forced out of the sport by a career-ending thumb injury, convinces Amos that the only way he can reclaim his honor is to beat Slater in the school-wide marbles tournament. As she puts him through a grueling training regimen, Amos learns about his past, confronts his present, and takes control of his future.

Written by Coert Voorhees    Directed by Vicky Wight    Produced by Bridget Stokes


The Volunteer 

Aunjanue Ellis
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Hill Harper
Mary Beth Hurt
Scott Wolf
Eisa Davis
Noah Gray-Cabey

After dramatically leaving her successful but soul-crushing career, forty-something Leigh finds herself wondering if there's more to life, to love, to everything. Overwhelmed by apathy and a vague sense of guilt, she decides to volunteer at a local soup kitchen where, for the first time, she sees how the other half lives. While working at the kitchen, she begins an unexpected and electric affair with a homeless man, Ethan. Almost ten years his senior, Leigh attempts to hide from her long-time boyfriend, her family, and her new co-workers the role Ethan plays in her life. After a series of troubling encounters however, she begins to realize Ethan’s charm may be masking a troubled past. 

Bridget Stokes, Mary Beth Hurt and Vicky Wight at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival



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Herman and Shelly 




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